Sixth sense

 Sixth sense ,a strong feeling ,sound of soul, our guts , intuition whatever u  r giving name to this, u can also call  supernatural power 🤭a god gift, miracle..

Everyone has a special sense that is called sixth sense.

a sense that is more powerful than other five senses. we just need to, learn to, tap into and trust it..

make sixth sense as your ist sense 

Every upcoming thing gives  a hint  before arrival ,need is ,to  focus and understand why the Universe giving this hint to us ,what it want to make us Understand... Learn to trust ur inner feeling and it will become stronger.

Trust your instincts Intuition never lie

Destiny didn't tell what exact is going to happen but it tries to communicate .give u some specific hint or something else,it try to pamper u for upcoming ...never ever neglect ur intuition guys.our body can pick on bad vibrations.

If ur heart is saying no ,then don't do, whether the situation demands it ,"don't do "..if something deep inside of you says something is not right,about  a person or a situation,trust ur intuition..if u feel something is wrong,that's because it usually is.

Trust ur intuition it will never lie .

Universe tries to communicate , sometimes with words or sometimes with actions.. nothing happens give some hint ist .then occur ,we are unable to catch the hints so we find it as sudden..

Pay attention to your inside feeling your gut feeling.

no matter how good or attractive something looks,if it doesn't feel right ,if it doesn't make u feel safe, walk away..

Trust what ur soul wants to tell you.

Always trust your gut

It knows what ur head hasn't yet figured out

When Your inner soul says something, listen properly ,don't be deaf don't come in debate with your soul.. Your brain can Play tricks,your heart can blind but your intuitions are always right.

Never regret on trusting your intuition,


              🙏🙏 Queen of nautiyal empire


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