Beauty is neither in appearance nor in dress,eyes makes beautiful whomever they want.

I met a girl who was approximately of 9 10 talk to her i Started a conversation , I asked her name, her class ,her friends,her teacher name .. further i ask her about her teacher.

I asked ,do u like ur teacher.?

She replied  ,No .

Her answer made me shock , without thinking she replied at once .no..

I assumed may be the teacher is strict,

I further asked , your teacher beat u ?

She said no, then she scold you,ryt ?

She again replied ,no..

Me : oh then sure ,she didn't teach you well ?

She:  No, she teaches me well ???

Me : then what's the problem,why you don't like her ?

Girl: because my teacher is not beautiful..

Her answer  shocked me and made me quite for 1 minute..

Beauty ? Who tells her about beauty ?why se took beauty as a measurement unit ?

I thought a lot and come out with a conclusion , she herself is small to judge ...surely  there were some people in her surrounding that choose beauty over intelligence.. compares someone's Intelligence to their beauty.. that's why the little girl took beauty as a measurement..

set a good example for your kids. 

If you prefer beauty over character then

The day is not far when your kids bring new parents..who are more beautiful than you guys ...

Putting side my thoughts, 

I liked to talk continue .

I next asked to her: do you know ,who is our national bird ?

Girl: yes, peacock is our national bird.

Me :good,do u find him beautiful?

Girl: yes peacock is one of the most beautiful bird in India..

Me :yes ,do you know what he eats ?

Girl: may be insects..

Me: yes,he also eat snakes🐍...

No one can be guessed by looking at their beauty,
Seeing the peacock, No one can say that this eats snake.

Make your children Understand ,

It is not necessary that what is beautiful is good, But what is good is always beautiful..

beauty is not all about physical appearance or looks ,its about thought ,its about character, it's about deed that one performs .. 

children learn from their environment,from their company...

Their surroundings impact on their tell them

Beauty not only lie in looks 
Beauty need to comes in behaviour..

If you want to measure someone, measure him by the beauty of his heart...


  1. Itni samjhdari khA se aati hai tere pash,,,😊

  2. Absolutely rytt didi.. Beauty is whats inside u.. Ur looks ur character can't be used for measurement.. Sirf bhar ki khubsurti ka achar thodi daalna h wo to andr se honi chahiye


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