Life ,a thought,a dream,a promise ,a duty .....

Exactly,What is life ? how is life?  some said life is adventure,some said life is responsibility,some said fun ,some said beauty and so on... different people different point of view .. anyone can define life but no one can define it for you... because life has his own different meaning for different people.. and may be this is life.., for a change,I will not compare life with anything..because u find life yourself by your experiences. 

Life is exactly what happens to you when you are busy in making other plans

Lord rama was going to be the king, sudden exile was announced for him...
A person who is going to be the king on  next day, went to jungle for next 14 years 
And yesss this is life...

You visited ur relative home and lockdown announced 🤣,you collect a no.of notes of rs.500 , rs 1000 .. demonetisation declared🤣

Unexpected happens ,this is the main style of has his own dabang😎 we like to get surprise same life is like to give shock .

When We are bzy in thinking and planning our next move ,life throw the ace of spades... life always  goes its own way .. moves 2 step ahead..

Life's favourite game is giving challenges,you will get what you deserve but not in the way you think ..
Life produce obstacles, distraction..
Life Plays a suspensib  game,where next move is unpredictable.
Life examines you in every round
And each round demands the better version of you.....
Be positive towards the obstacles if life gives you cactus it doesn't mean you have to sit on it 
 Being negative only makes a journey more difficult..what you deserve you will get definitely ,life Plays tricky.
stress  does not comes from the way life is. It comes from the way we respond ,
So Let's give a tough competition to life ...let it do its own,just respond positively.

When life gives you lemon enjoy the lemonade😜


                    🙏Queen of nautiyal empire


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